Program, 19th International Conference on Cytochrome P450, Tokyo, 2015

Information for Chairs and Presenters

Information for Chairs and Presenters
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1. Presentation Time
Allotted time for each oral presentation will be informed by session chairs.
2. Equipment and reception

a. PC presentation (1 screen) only
b. No limit for number of slides, but please adhere to presentation time limits
c. No sound available
Date and Time: June 12th (Friday) ----15:30-18:30
June 13th (Saturday) ----08:30-18:30
June 14th (Sunday) ----08:30-18:30
June 15th (Monday) ----08:30-13:20
Location: PC Preview Desk (1F Lobby)
a. All speakers must go to the preview desk 30 minutes before presentations for checking of
b. If you wish to use your own PC, you must submit your PC to the operator at the meeting room for
a connection check. Please pick up your PC shortly after the presentation.

3. Presentation Data

-If bringing your own PC (Windows or Macintosh)
a. Please check your PC output terminal and bring the regular monitor terminal (MiniD-sub15 pin 3
low connector) for connection to the monitor.
b. The resolution of the projector is XGA (1024×768 pixels). When a change of resolution is required,
please set up the resolution on the PC beforehand.
c. Even if animation / pictures are displayed correctly on the PC monitor, caution that external
output may not actually be carried out. Please be careful, if you create presentation data on a PC
which is not used for actual presentations.
d. Please cancel/adjust screen saver and power -saving setups beforehand.
e. Please be sure to bring a PC adapter with you for each unit.
If you use only battery it may run out during the presentation.
f. Please be sure to prepare a copy of backup data (a USB flash memory or CD-R) just in case.

4. Proceedings

a. Please present under the direction of the chairman.
b. Please use the designated seat in the front row in the room 10 minutes before the program start.
c. An operator performs projection of presentation data during the presentation.
The presenter may operate mouse/ keyboard at the podium, using the projection (there is no
computer monitor at the podium)
a. Please come to "Chairman's Registration" at Hall A: International Conference Room, Hall B: 1st
Meeting Room or Poster session & an exhibition-gallery: Reception Hall as your sessions are
b. Please take a seat in the meeting room in the front row 15 minutes before the session.
c. At the signal to start, please go to the front and start the session.
d. The chairman is in charge of each of the sessions. Please adhere to finishing times.

5. Q&A

a. Q&A time: According to the session. Please confirm in the information letter sent to you in advance.
b. If you have (a) question(s), please follow the chairman's direction and approach the microphone in the meeting room. Please express your question concisely after identifying your affiliation and your

6. Poster Exhibition Guidelines
Venue: Poster session & an exhibition-gallery
Set up: 15:30-18:30 on June 12th (Friday)
Removal: 14:00-15:00 on June 15th (Monday)
a. Please draw up all poster notice manuscripts in English.
b. The size of the poster panel is 200 cm by 90 cm.
c. A subject number (20 cm×20 cm) is prepared by the secretariat, and is affixed on the upper
left end of the poster board.
d. Please prepare subject title, including affiliation and author names to fit 20 cm by 70 cm, and the contents to fit 140 cm by 90 cm. (Refer to right figure)
e. Push pins will be prepared at the poster panel by secretariat. The affixing should use pushpins and should be secured firmly.
*Please, do not use tape or nails.
7. Poster presentation
a. The presenter needs to stand by in front of his /her poster during presentation times : 19:00-20:00 on June13th (Saturday).
b. There is no announcement of the chairman's approach.
8. Poster removal
a. Please be sure to remove everything.
b. We will dispose of all posters and related leftovers after an appointed time.
9. Change of subject name and /or presenter
Change of subject is not permitted. If withdrawal or presenter change arises, please contact the secretariat promptly.
10. Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Award
The Journal of Biological Chemistry will award the Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Award of
US$1,500 to the winner of the trainees to attend ICCP 2015. Applicants must be younger members who have not yet reached the level of associate prof.
【Presentation Method】
We will present the winner the prize of JPY150,000 at the 1st venue with a commendation at the social event on June 14th. Please join the social event.
【Selecting System】
The selection committee of the International Advisory committee members will select the winner.
11. President Award
Five abstract authors will be selected for a president award from the abstracts above mentioned.
【Presentation Method】
We present awards and gifts for the top two at the social event. Five award receivers will not need to pay for the social event.




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